Why Dhruva?

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Dhruva is a word in the Sanskrit language connoting the Pole Star, which points us to the true north of our planet. Dhruva Advisors was created on the principle of providing the ‘true north’ in financial strategy advice to its clients. Dhruva’s vision is to partner with entrepreneurs on financial strategy decisions which are crucial to the growth of the business and its owner.

Dhruva is founded on the belief that high quality investment banking expertise is least available where its most required – to facilitate small & medium companies at early to growth stages. This is the gap Dhruva sets out to bridge. Dhruva works with companies based in India and the US, as well as with investors based globally.

Dhruva Advisors focuses on companies in Technology and Manufacturing, providing fund-raising and financial strategy advice to mid-size companies in India and the US. The firm is based in Bangalore, India.



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